The 2021/2022 Awards

Azia Books is thrilled to announce the following children’s book awards:

In the Mixed Race Genre
The Azia Books Award was given to:

The Case for Loving:
The Fight for Interracial Marriage

Written by Monica Brown
Illustrated by Sara Palacios

In the Multicultural
The Azia Books Award was given to:

We Are Water Protectors
Written by Carole Lindstrom
Illustrated by Michaela Goade

In the Mixed Race Genre
The Azia Books Award was given to:

Prairie Lotus
Written by Linda Sue Park

In the Multicultural
The Azia Books Award was given to:

Stand Up Yumi Chung
Written by Jessica Kim

Here are the books for the 2021/2022 review.

Ambitious Girl
Meena Harris (Author)
Marissa Valdez (Artist)

Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon
Kat Zhang (Author)
Charlene Chua (Illustrator)

And That’s Why She’s My Mama
Tiarra Nazario (Author)

Black is Brown is Tan
Arnold Adoff (Author)
Emily Arnold McCully (Illustrator)

Characters Like Me:
Chyna’s Doll

Schertevear Q. Watkins (Author)
Daniela Frongia (Illustrator)

Chocolate Me
Taye Diggs (Author)
Shane W. Evans (Illustrator)

Danbi Leads the School Parade
Anna Kim (Author, Illustrator)

Freedom in Congo Square
Carole Boston Weatherford (Author)
R. Gregory Christie (Illustrator)

Ho’ Onani Hula Warrior
Heather Gale (Author)
Ill. Mika Song (Illustrator)

How to Train the Perfect Parents
Rebecca Ashdown (Author)

I Am Courage
Meena Harris (Author)
Marissa Valdez (Artist)

I Am Hapa
Chrystal Smith (Author)
Michael Santoshi Garcia (Illustrator)

I Am Mixed
Garcelle Beauvais (Author)
Sebastian A. Jones (Author)
James C. Webster (Illustrator)

I Am Whole
Shola Oz (Author)
Shifa Annisa (Illustrator)

It’s Not the Stork
Robie H. Harris (Author)
Michael Emberley (Illustrator)

I’m Mixed
Maggy Williams (Author)
Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta (Illustrator)

I Love You More Than All
Kealy Connor Lonning (Author)
Lora Look (Illustrator)

Jalapeño Bagels
Natasha Wing (Author)
Robert Castilla (Illustrator)

Juno Valentine and the Fantastic Fashion Adventure
Eva Chen (Author)
Derek Desierto (Illustrator)

Life With My Family
Renee Hooker (Author)
Karl Jones (Author)
Kathryn Durst (Illustrator)

Loud Feelings
Salena Joy Labat (Author)

Luna Loves Library Day
Joseph Coelho (Author)
Fiona Lumbers (Illustrator)

Lulu the One and Only
Lynnette Mawhinney (Author)
Jennie Poh (Illustrator)

My Two Grannies
Floella Benjamin (Author)
Margaret Chamberlain (Illustrator)

My Two Grandads
Floella Benjamin (Author)
Margaret Chamberlain (Illustrator)

Kelly DiPucchio (Author)
Raissa Figueroa (Illustrator)

Real Sisters Pretend
Megan Dowd Lambert (Author)
Nicole Tadgell (Illustrator)

Rhyme Time Valentine
Nancy Poydar (Author)

Shopping with Dad
Matt Harvey (Author)Miriam Latimer (Illustrator)

The Hello Goodbye Window
Norton Juster (Author)
Chris Raschka (Illustrator)

The Sea in Winter
Christine Day (Author)

The Case for Loving
Selina Alko (Author)
Sean Qualls (Illustrator)
Selina Alko (Illustrator)

The Color of Us
Karen Katz (Author)

The Water Princess
Susan Verde (Author)
Peter H. Reynolds (Illustrator)

Waiting for Baby
Rachel Fuller (Author)

Watch Me
Doyin Richards (Author)
Joe Cepeda (Illustrator)

We Are Water Protectors
Carole Lindstrom (Author)
Michaela Goade (Illustrator)

Wonderfully Made
Kaitlyn Derosiers (Author)
Megan McBryde (Illustrator)

Who’s In My Family?
Robie H. Harris (Author)
Nadine Bernard Westcott (Illustrator)

You Were the First
Patricia MacLachlan (Author)
Stephanie Graegin (Illustrator)

Yusuf Azeem is Not a Hero
Saadia Faruqi (Author)

Amy Hodgepodge:
All Mixed Up

Kim Wayans (Author)
Kevin Knots (Author)

Sharon Draper (Author)

The Crying Rocks
Janet Taylor Lisle (Author)

Laurence Yep (Author)

Esperanza Rising
Pam Muñoz Ryan (Author)

Full Cicada Moon
Marilyn Hilton (Author)

Nidhi Chanani (Author)

Land of the Cranes
Aida Salazar (Author)

Prairie Lotus
Linda Sue Park (Author)

Other Words for Home
Jasmine Warga (Author)

Red, White, and Whole
Rajani LaRocca (Author)

Rez Dogs
Joseph Bruchac (Author)

Sisters of the Neversea
Cynthia Leitich Smith (Author)

Stand Up Yumi Chung
Jessica Kim (Author)

The Year I Flew Away
Marie Arnold (Author)

Operation Redwood
S. Terrell French (Author)

Yusuf Azeem is Not a Hero
Saadia Faruqi (Author)

The Board can’t evaluate these books because the author is either on the Board, or the author already won an award.

The Band of the Stone
Iris Stone (Author)
Kurniawan (Illustrator)

Marisol McDonald and the Monster
Monica Brown (Author)
Sara Palacios (Illustrator)