Azia Books

Azia’s stories are for kids in a multicultural family.  There are too few books for the kids in mixed race families.  Kids need to see versions of themselves reflected in the world.

So the Azia Books are our throwdown to the publishers out there.  Change the next kids book you publish and make it for mixed race or mixed culture families.  Don’t print a book about how mixed race families are ok because you will only be telling the kid there might be something untoward going on.  If 15% of the new kids books that present humans show mixed race then the books will move toward where the American public is.

Our story starts when elves come to ask a curious girl if she wants to become an elf.  Azia has to make good decisions when dealing with the unknown.

Azia books are intended for young readers.  As the book progresses the challenges are greater.  Most of the book can be read to young children.  They will be readable for 4th graders and will present on average 20 vocabulary words that a child will need to sound out.

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